Friday, January 13, 2012

Project 52 -- Made With Love

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

This week's challengemade with love

My photo:

Banana cake with cream cheese frosting

The reason I chose this photo:

Although I love the artistic side of photography, I'm a logical and literal person.  My thought process went something like this:  What is made with love?  Well, of course the Lord made everything with love.  So that's a nature shot; but I post tons of those already.  Okay, then.  What do I make with love?  Besides a beautiful home (I hope), I make meals, laundry, school schedules...  I make food out of my love for my family, of course.  And this week's shot captures a lot of love.

My son Jacob has been asking me to make this cake.  He noticed those bananas getting overly ripe on the counter.  But I didn't have time.  For three days straight he calmly asked me if I was going to make it.  On the third day, I had a chunk of time so I gave in.  Jacob happily got ingredients out, mashed bananas, helped measure things, grease pans...  I was able to make this cake with his help.  This cake was made with my love for Jacob.  But it was also made with Jacob's love for me.  So it was made with a double dose of love.  :)

If you want the recipe for it, click here.  (It was really good.)

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  1. OK...this was really hard to even view. I have to have a piece!!


  2. Oh that lovely picture is not helping my waistline but it does look delicious. I think when you put some effort into the things you do for your family it is definitely done with love. V

  3. Ok-now *I* want to make Banana Cake with Cream Cheese zfrosting:) This looks incredible!

  4. Yummy. That's a great definition and picture of made with love. Good job. :)

  5. That cake looks yummy! Sweet treat!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you keep coming back!