Monday, January 9, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week One

Project 2012

Week 1 -- January 1 - January 8

It is Week One in this special year-long photography project!

Instead of the goal being to take (and post) a picture every day, my goal is to use my camera, Ellie, as frequently as possible throughout each week, and to post my (up to) seven favorite images here on my blog.  Some of these images may be from my professional shoots; most will be from everyday life.  Plus, my "favorite" does not necessarily mean an image that can be enlarged and put on a canvas (though I hope to have a few of those!).  Some of my favorite images are of my own family, or my ordinary/simple life at home, whether cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry; or nature walks, tea parties, and vacation time.

I plan on posting seven images each week, with Week 52 containing nine images for those extra two days at the end.  Here are my favorites:

Putting all the Christmas decorations away...  You can read about my ornament organization here on my family blog.

[1] Boxing up Christmas

I had to submit a photo of my husband and me for a workshop we'll be presenting at our state homeschool convention.  I used my 50mm portrait lens and a tripod, with the camera set on the 10-second timer.  I composed a shot, pressed the shutter, ran around and posed myself!  After about 40 minutes and 10 shots, I was done (my husband was very accommodating!).  I ended up choosing one of the first shots I took, too!

[2] Self portrait

I visited a dear friend last week, and her lovely daughter put together a beautiful luncheon for the three of us.  Read about it here.

[3] Luncheon muffins

A nature walk at the Naperville Riverwalk yielded some great shots.  It was so nice to have mild weather in January!  The rest of my images below are from my walk.

[4] Tree-lined path

[5] Grass on tree stump

[6] Moon through the branches

[7] Glorious sunset

Thanks for leaving an encouraging comment!  I look forward to seeing your images throughout the year!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. I love your pictures. And actually my 365 project is the same as your. I don't know that I will be taking pictures every day either. I just want to post 7 of them once a week. I agree, lets encourage each other with our projects. I really enjoy your Naperville ones. I miss the Naperville Riverwalk so times, though we have a pretty one here too.

    Here's my link, even though I know you already saw this weeks,

  2. Wonderful shots. I cracked up on the self portrait... I so do that!