Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frosted Fun

A few days before The Big Snow--which is what I'm calling it because it has been our only snow thus far--I went out in the early morning light to capture some frost.  I shot only a few shots since the sun kept sliding behind the clouds, and I really wanted that elusive light.  Nonetheless, frost is beautiful in almost any light.  It reminds me of the Lord's creativity, weaving each individual crystal with precision and uniqueness.

The below is one of my favorites of last week, featured on my Project 2012 "Week 2" post.  It doesn't have quite the focus I wanted.  I needed a smaller aperture, but my ISO was already high enough and I wouldn't be able to hand-hold Ellie for that shot.  I still like the photo, and there will be plenty more opportunities to play with frost this winter.  :)

In case Job had forgotten, the Lord asks him:

From whose womb has come the ice?
And the frost of heaven, who has given it birth?
Job 38:27 NASB

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. They are all so nice. I tried my hand at taking some frost shots too. I don't have a macro lens though, but they are still fun to take.