Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 2

Project 2012
Week 2 -- January 8-14

1.  Take pictures
2.  Share at least one--and up to seven!
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My favorite photos

It's great when you can run outside in January in a jacket and snap some shots of the early morning frost.  The sun kept peeking out from the clouds, and I kept trying to catch it as I found some autumn leaves stuck in the grass.  The below leaf stayed still enough for me to capture it, and the sun also cooperated for several seconds.  I used my 100mm macro lens at f4.5, but in the editing room I wished I had increased the f-stop to obtain more clarity on the crystals along the leaf's edge.  I still like how the frost looks along the veins.
[8] Frost on leaf

The bananas we used to make banana cake.

[9] Ripe!

I love washing dishes.  There is a spiritual truth remembered with every dishload of dirty dishes!  I love getting dirty dishes washed, and seeing the shine as I rinse off the soap.  I'm sure if I were a dish I wouldn't like it--I wouldn't like being dirty, either--nor would I like the stinging soap in my eyes.  But once the dish is rinsed (boy, that water is hot!) and placed in the drain, it dries to a nice, clean shine and is pretty to look at again.  Oh, wait, sorry!  I digressed--back to the below photo...

As I was washing dishes this particular evening, I placed the soapy dishes on the counter to my left, then rinsing off several at a time.  I washed and placed the bowl, then washed and stuck the fork in the bowl.  When I looked over, the fork was slowly bobbing up and down, perfectly balanced.  So of course I grabbed my camera!

[10] Perfect balance

Who ever would have guessed that we would be playing Frisbee in the middle of January?!?  I love the setting sun and the sun flare in this shot as my boys throw the Frisbee around.

[11] January Frisbee

Later, as the sun set, I was hoping for a sunset similar to this one.  I was in the same spot, too!  But the clouds disappeared along with the sun, and I was left with a rather mundane sunset.  (All sunsets are beautiful.)  When I turned toward the east, I saw wispy clouds turning purple behind this tree.

[12] Tree silhouette

The day after we played at the park, we got our first measurable snow!  I ran out in it to take a fence row shot.  I used my 100mm macro again, at f8.  I had to set the ISO to 400 to get a halfway decent shutter speed (1/200 sec.) so I could hand-hold my Ellie.

[13] Snow on fence

Aaaaand, the next day, it was back to a typical Chicagoland morning in January, grabbing shovels to dig out the driveway.  Danny single-handedly shoveled the whole thing, too!

[14] Shoveling

I hope you got some good shots this past week.  I can't wait to see them!

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  1. I love the snow on the fence post. It makes me feel winter. :)

  2. Another great set of pictures - love the tree/sunset and the fence row... and the leaf shot is not one I've ever been able to get but would love too. don't think I wake early enough LOL

  3. What a great week in photos. Jealous of your snow!

  4. I like all of your pictures, they are so detailed. I keep thinking of a macro lens, but just can't decide right now.