Saturday, February 26, 2011

365 Project -- #50-56

I really felt like I was just plodding along with my photography this past week.  Rain all day Sunday, dreary clouded week...  Getting ready for my trip to Atlanta was my bright spot of hopeful dreams--warm, sunny, 70s, aaahhhhh.

By way of explanation, since I'm in Atlanta this weekend, I put this post together early, and have just auto-published it.  Since I won't be back until next week, and I wanted to be sure to get this week's images up on time, I took a few extra images from Tuesday and Wednesday and I used them for Thursday and Friday.  (Thank you for being merciful.)  I am still sticking to the rules, and have been--and will be--taking photos every day.

My week started out with food, and ended up--again--in my back yard with my macro lens.  In fact, all of these images were taken with my macro lens (except Danny's chemistry experiment).  I just love that lens!  It brings out a fascinating, hidden world.

One more note--Since I'm away, I won't be able to visit your blogs right away.  Please leave comments (I covet them!!), and I promise to visit you once I'm home.

[50] February 19 -- Belgian waffles with apples and syrup

[51] February 20 -- Sorting the beans

[52] February 21 -- Chemistry experiment

[53] February 22 -- Winter garden life

[54] February 23 -- Dormant onion

[55] February 24 -- Sage in winter

[56] February 25 -- Winter fence line

I hope you've had a much better week of finding things to shoot than I had.  And a shout-out to all you southern folks--please post flowers, and birds, and grass, and sun!!

Living life; capturing life.


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  1. Amen about southern folks posting pictures of spring... gives us such hope. Love all the shots this week, can't pick a favorite!

  2. All of them are great! But I must say the sage in winter is my favorite...simply beautiful!

  3. Dear Christine, I hope you are having a wonderful time in Atlanta. Your pictures as always are just fabulous. I love the sage shot.

  4. Yummy food shots and LOVE the fence.

    No stress just fun on posting images.

  5. Are you teaching chemistry? Love the fence post picture.