Saturday, February 19, 2011

365 Project -- #43-49

Since I was dealing with a cold last week, Ellie (my Canon 40D) sat most of the time.  I did pull her out, and even get outside for some pretty neat shots, every day except one.  As I "hibernated" last Saturday, my first photo was a shot of opportunity.  Danny had come down into the cave (aka, basement) while I was editing some images.  He sat down and grinned at me, and since my camera was right there...  The "turban" on his head is a king-size fleece blanket used by whoever is cold at the moment (usually me).  The image really doesn't do justice to the height of that thing.  lol

[43] February 12 -- Danny.  Almost 18.  Homeschooled.  Future surgeon.  :)

[44] February 13 -- Melting snow on our patio

[45] February 14 -- Garden bench awaiting spring

I was fiddling around with the grain setting in Lightroom3 with the above image.  I don't mess too much with my images, except for b&w/color, and the general corrections.  But I do like this one; it's almost like a pixel painting (for lack of a better description).  :)  Plus I like the fact that I trudged outside in my slippers (no coat) on actual grass spots to snap the shot.  Let's go, Spring!  (I added some grain to the below image as well.)

[46] February 15 -- February skies

[47] February 16 -- One shoe in the garden

So in visiting your (and others') blogs, I happened upon a "challenge" photo.  Is it once per week?  Or per month?  I find it challenging enough to take a photo every day, so I haven't been paying attention to the special challenges.  Anyway, I filed away the fact that people were taking photos of hearts and heart shapes.  And as I was outside this afternoon, I saw a few of those heart shapes.

I must confess I didn't pick up my camera on the 17th, so I'm posting the images below for the 17th and the 18th.  (Thanks for letting me fudge a day.)

[48] February 17 -- Heart leaves {muted tones}

 [49] February 18 -- Heart of snow and grass

I hope you've had an awesome week of shots!

Living life; capturing life.


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  1. Dear Christine,
    Love them all, LOL on the first one. the bench one does have it's unique feel. I love the two last ones, such simple beauty, love it!

  2. I love, love, love those heart shots! As for the challenges, we host one a week. They post on the main blog on Sunday. You can do them or not. For me it gives me something to look for when I get bored with shooting, especially in the winter!

  3. All great shots! Love the MELTING snow and the shoe.

  4. The future surgeon picture is too cute. Love the heart of snow too. I want one of those benches in my backyard.

  5. Love that shot of, he's decided to become a brain surgeon instead of an orthopedic surgeon, hmmmm? Tell him I think he's got the post-op bandaging down-pat.