Monday, October 15, 2012

Project 2012 -- Week 41

Project 2012 -- Week 41
October 7 - 13

Welcome to my Project 2012 weekly post!  This is my time to look back over the past week, 
choose seven favorite images I've taken, and share them here with you.  
If you have a project you're working on, please leave a comment 
so I can visit your blog and see what you're up to!

Our Sunday started off in a special way:  We got to visit friends at their "new" home--new to us because we had yet to visit.  They bought a church way out in the middle of farmland, and have been restoring it into a home for their family.  We visited for a potluck dinner together, and a hymn sing afterward.  We thoroughly enjoyed both!

[283] A church is home

I like taking food pictures, and this week, although I didn't realize it until posting these images, I took many.  I've been drinking a lot of hot beverages, since I've had a sore throat that won't go away.  I didn't have strep, and I'm waiting to hear back from the doctor regarding a blood test they recently did, but either way, hot beverages are soothing and I'm so glad it's autumn so I can drink lots!

[284] Pumpkin spice

A story about the above tea is in order.  Last week Saturday, Fernando and I went to Trader Joe's to purchase some needed items.  I saw the tins of pumpkin spice rooibos, and almost purchased one.  Fernando was even okay with it.  But, we talked for just a minute and decided we'd better spend our grocery money on groceries.  So I left the tin on the shelf and moved on.

Well, on Sunday, a dear friend gave me a belated birthday gift--a gift bag filled with little goodies and treats.  I unwrapped one of the items and discovered--the pumpking spice rooibos tea tin!!  I love when the Lord shows His goodness to us, simply to bless us, and in the littlest detailed things.  I've had several cups of it now, and it is good.

[285] Dessert coffee

I had been making balsamic vinaigrette dressing all summer to accompany my daily salads, and it is really good.  But when I ran out this week, I felt like a change.  So I made a dressing I haven't made in a long time.

[286] French dressing

One last food image.  After I tossed on all the toppings, I couldn't see the soup anymore!  But I felt like taking a picture anyway.  This soup is awesome.

[287] Taco soup with the works

One night this last week I had coffee for dessert.  Another night (below), I had coffee and dessert.  :)

[288] Dessert AND coffee

Recently, I've been researching clothing that works for my body type.  It's so hard to find things that not only fit, but look good on me, too.  V-necks and tops that end at the hips are supposed to work.  The pink blouse is new; I liked it in the store and Fernando bought it for me.  :)  But I can never tell if I truly look good in something.  So I thought I'd take a photo and see for myself.  If nothing else, I like the color of the shirt, and I love the color of the trees.

[289] Autumn self-portrait

I hope you took some great photos this past week!  I can't wait to get back out there and take a few more autumn walks.  I'm hoping the rain will end soon so I can do just that.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. I love the shirt on you {and the shirt}. Clothes shopping is not something I love.

    Can you share the french dressing recipe?

  2. I think the shirt looks great. Such a pretty color on you. What a blessing that the Lord gave you a treat like that tea. I love it when He does that too. I have been taking pictures, just haven't uploaded them yet. :)