Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Outdoor Session Location! | Chicagoland Portrait Photographer

All my clients are great.  I have loved working with every one of them.  Honest.

Sometimes, clients have some great suggestions.  For instance, a new client suggested a park she wanted to use for her family's mini portrait session.  This park was only a few miles from my home--and I didn't know about it!  The session occurred several days after the phone call, so I knew I'd better get over there and scope things out.

I picked a warm, windy Wednesday, three days before the session.  It was supposed to turn much colder later that day, so I figured I'd be warm for at least the scouting session, if not the actual portrait session.

This is the scene that greeted me just steps from my car door, on a little footbridge:

Well, that looked promising!  Then I crossed the footbridge, and saw another bridge.

Another great place to take a picture.  I could just see a family on that bridge, framed by trees--whether green in spring and summer, or multi-colored in autumn--smiling and happy.  Beautiful!

I explored the little park area on this side of the bridge, and the trees were amazing--so many neat shapes and textures.  Look at the branches!

The steps in the photo above--on the lower right--lead to the bridge over the river.  Even the steps would be a great place to shoot.

I love the natural frames that these trees created.  I was definitely going to love this portrait session!

On the bridge, I got lost in the early autumn scenery.  Although it was breezy, the river looked calm and peaceful, with beautiful reflections.

Back in the first park area, I spotted a fallen log--perfect for sitting on.  Perfect for portraits!

What a beautiful frame with the branch overhead!

And the below tree--the lowest limb could be a great place to sit on!  It was about shoulder height on me, but I'm short.  I'm sure kids could scramble up there, or Dad could hoist them up there.

The squirrel in the image below thought this park was great, too!  Well, at least for gathering food for the winter, anyway.  :)

This may very well be my park of choice, if clients would like to shoot close to my home.  The shady park affords a great place to shoot during the day, from late morning to mid-afternoon (no harsh sun!).  And late afternoon would afford some beautiful light streaming into the park--perfect for any kind of portraits.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give me a call!

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