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Grand et Petit -- Two Palaces | Paris Travel

Looking east down avenue Champs-Élysées, toward the Obelisk and l'Arc de Triomphe de Carousel.

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Once we stepped out of  les jardins des Champs-Élysées, we were back in the city again.  Instead of walking straight down avenue des Champs-Élysées, our walking-tour book took us south toward the Seine River along avenue Winston Churchill.  We entered this part of Paris that was created for one purpose:  The Universal Exhibition of 1900.  On our right stood le Grand Palais, adorned by flying horses and chariots at its four corners.

Le Grand Palais.

Detail atop le Grand Palais.

Detail atop le Grand Palais.

At the same time, on our left stood le Petit Palais.  Okay, when they say petit, it doesn't mean small literally.  Check it out below.  :)

Le Petit Palais.

Le Petit Palais houses a wide range of art spanning from antiquity to the early 20th century.

I love flags flying in the breeze!  As I snapped pictures of the flag flying at le Petit Palais, I noticed in the window the reflection of the flag flying atop le Grand Palais.  I focused on that flag, and snapped away.

Two flags--one at le Petit Palais, the other a reflection from le Grand Palais.

A few steps further south toward the Seine River, and we spotted this pretty little fountain to the side of le Petit Palais.

We walked far enough to spot the columns on pont Alexandre III.

Columns on le Pont Alexandre III, from the avenue Winston Churchill.

Detail of one of the columns at pont Alexandre III.

As long as we're lingering at pont Alexandre III, I thought I'd share a few images I captured while on our boat tour on the Seine River.  These will give you a better idea of what the bridge looks like.

Pont Alexandre III (as seen on our boat tour).

Detail of pont Alexandre III (as seen on our boat tour).

Okay, no back to this section of our anniversary walking tour.  We walked around the side of le Grand Palais, and were rewarded with a lovely view of its back side.
Façade of the rear of le Grand Palais.

Just a little farther on, we could see the full back (except for the trees) of the palais, with its dome.

Around the back of le Grand Palais.

Again, to give you some perspective as to why le Grand Palais is so much bigger than the not-that-small Petit Palais, here is a picture of the Palais from our boat tour.  It truly is grand!

Le Grand Palais (as seen from our boat tour on the Seine River).

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  1. You really did explore a lot of places in Paris, didn't you? Such pretty places too.