Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Steaming into the New Year

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Theme ~ Steaming into the New Year

Chosen by Mac.
I'm publishing this post as we are steaming toward midnight here in Chicagoland!!  Here's the full image representing my header:

A little odd, I admit.  But see that truck?  It has a satellite dish on the back of it, and Fernando drove it home the night before Thanksgiving, just in time to celebrate with us.  This truck--called a SAT truck in the industry--represents our future:  Fernando's employment, steady work, and the ability to continue to live in our beautiful little (by American standards) home.  This is what we'll be using to steam into the new year.

As we take down the ornaments on our tree...

...and reflect on how the Lord has blessed us this past year, we're looking forward to continuing to celebrate...

...every answered prayer (all prayers are answered, y'know), every blessing, every turn in the path, as we drive down the road the Lord has planned out for this new year.  God bless you and yours, as you steam into your own wonderful new year!!

Back to life,

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  1. Thanks for sharing Christine, I wish you and the family a great New Year.

  2. Yea!!! That's great news! I'm rejoicing with you and so glad for answered prayer.