Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - It's Cold Out There!

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Theme ~ It's Cold Out There!

Chosen by Kathy.

It hasn't been that cold this week here, but winter is definitely making inroads in the Chicagoland area, and we all know what's coming in another month...brr!  I decided to go back in time to the first year I owned Ellie, my Canon 40D and my first digital camera. 

I brought Ellie to Mount Trashmore, a nearby "mountain" which was, as you can guess, made with the help of trash.  In the winter, it's the perfect hill--well, the only hill around here, really--for tubing!  My brother Matt and his wife Char asked the family to come out and go tubing with them.  My favorite picture of the day is this one, my header:

Matt giving Char a huge push off the top of the hill.

If you're not familiar with wintertime tubing, it's really easy--get an inner tube and find a hill.  Ride the tube down.  Scream and laugh and hang out with friends.  Mount Trashmore is great because they have a concession stand with hot chocolate.

On this particular January day (1/9/2010), it was about 18 degrees, as I recall.  When it's that cold, you may as well bundle up and have some fun.  So we did!


Not sure who took this, but I rode on Fernando's back.

The only hard part about tubing is that you have to climb all the way back up the hill.

Ellie came with me for this ride; I ended up riding it down backwards--that's the view toward the top.

At the end of the day, we walked around the frozen park for a while and ended up at a pavilion before trudging through the snow back to the car.  I happened to be standing in the right place at the right time (hey, that's an upcoming theme!) and caught the below picture.  For a beginning digital photographer, I think I did a good job.  :)

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  1. Very nice captures Christine. I used the next weeks theme so will have to repost.

  2. What fun, we never did it on Rubber tubes - we had square pieces of wood and a small bottle of oil . gee-wizzzzzzz. Your header takes me back a good few years MDF,lol
    Love all the pics too

  3. Is that 40D still the camera you use? I think I was still using a Sony Mavica (point & shoot) back then. I loved that camera, but wouldn't go back to it now.

  4. Delightful way to deal with trash! And beautiful when snow covered - I'm guessing that it is nice and green in the spring.