Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Something New

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Theme ~ Something New

Chosen by Moi.  That's me.  :)

For this week's theme, I decided to show off my new Christmas tree ornaments.  I collect snowflake ornaments, and this year's new finds were special.  I made my first snowflake discovery in August!  I was up at the Lake as a surprise for my mom's 75th birthday, and she and I spent one day touring the Thousand Islands and Boldt Castle.  At one of the shops in Alexandria Bay, I found four tin snowflake ornaments, heavily discounted because--well, it was August.  I think my mom paid for them, too!  They're all brown and white on tin, with different patterns.  Here's the one in my header:

The next ornament I found I literally almost walked into.  After Thanksgiving, my parents, brother, Jacob, and I went to The Growing Place to pick out Christmas trees for our respective homes.  In their gift shop, I walked in and right up to a display featuring snowflake ornaments hand-crafted by a local artisan.  That went in my shopping bag!  It ended up being the only purchase that day, because when I went up to the counter to pay for my tree, the cashier told me my dad had already paid for it.  I love my family.

My final two new snowflake ornaments (I usually acquire only one per year!!) were given to me by my younger brother, Jeff, who was with us on the Christmas tree excursion.  He had heard me exclaim my love for snowflake ornaments, and how I collect them for my tree, and when he picked my name in the family grab bag gift exchange, he found a few gems to give to me.

I had wanted this post to feature something more profound, seeing that things are finally turning around for the better in our family, with employment, financial issues, etc. now starting to be resolved one by one.  However, these snowflakes remind me that family--and people, and experiences--are so much more important than things.  And when I decorate our family Christmas tree next year, I'll be able to cherish the memories of people and experiences surrounding these new gifts for my tree!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. I like the color in these pics. I'm going through withdrawals though, as I realize that it has been too long since we've been to your home, eating and clowning around.

  2. Artistic work there Christine

  3. Fun shots of your new ornaments Christine, neat idea.

  4. Delightful new ornaments, BUT, an even better new outlook for 20151

  5. Neat show Christine, for a minute I expected to see a little you on the tree top,lol Good show DF