Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Christmas Is Coming

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Theme ~ Christmas is Coming

Chosen by Lew.

Christmas is coming...  And it's coming up quick!  Here is the full image from my header, of carolers at our door.  These carolers started at our house (in our house--we hosted!) and sang all through our neighborhood, sharing the love of Christ through Christmas song with everyone who opened their door.  They even had a neighbor pull her car over to the curb, and ask them to sing!

We know Christmas is coming when...

...our home starts to look a little more festive: for needy children are wrapped:

...homemade gifts for family are assembled:

...peppermint candy appears in abundance!

...the kitchen starts to smell like cookies:

...greetings from friends appear on our walls:

Most importantly, our hearts and minds turn to the most precious gift of all, God become Man, our Savior!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. You do a lot of work for Christmas! (and it looks delicious!)

  2. We are too far out in the country for caroling to be practical--aside from the fact that my husband can't carry a tune in a bucket. You have a lovely selection of Christmas images--touching all the bases. Stay warm.

  3. Lovely Header the sound of your singing can be heard here. Lovely post for the true meaning.

  4. Nicely done Christine, the reason for the season shown for certain.