Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Right Place, Right Time

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Theme ~ Right Place, Right Time

Chosen by Tom.

I panicked this morning, because I totally forgot that it was Headbanger Day!!  Then I checked my Lightroom catalog, and realized--I had already designed a header for this week, and uploaded all my photos!  Everything was ready to go.  So here I am, barely on time once again.  Here is my header, full image style:

These football pictures are definitely a matter of being in the right place at the right time.  Fortunately, I was the team photographer, and I was allowed on the sidelines.  Right place, check.  I have tons of great images, because of a little luck called the right time.  Many plays were way across the field, or my lens didn't zoom enough, or...  But I have a good number of images where the play happened close enough to me, at the right angle, to make the images great.

Many Right Place, Right Time images are a matter of finding your spot, anticipating what's going to happen, then waiting.  With a little luck, you'll get that shot at just the right time.  Here are the rest of my images; some have been featured as header images in the past, simply because they were taken in the right place and at the right time.  Enjoy!

The below shot was pure luck--we were at Andy's (frozen custard shop) with another family, good friends of ours who were moving.  We were there for one last ice cream together (we had introduced them to Andy's frozen custard after we met them).  I had brought my camera to snap some pictures when we heard the whomp-whomp-whomp of military helicopters landing at our local airstrip a mere three blocks away.  Shot between the trees, right after dusk, silhouetted against the sky--sweet.

Cubs win!

Sneaking the camera out for a restaurant shot.

Butterfly landing on purple coneflower.

Boat tour going under the Thousand Islands Bridge.

Girl water-skiing on Lake Bonaparte.

Now I kinda want it to be summer again.  Hope you have a super day!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Great Rugby - (sorry your type of football),lol Shots, and just love the Berer and Butterfly, but my fav shot is the blowing out of the candles. Well done Christine.

  2. Very nice! The header is great, but I like the next pic (Crusaders #7) even better. So nice of those boys to get out of your way for a clear photo, right?

  3. I nearly forgot it was headbanger day, too, and I am usually in ahead of the game. And the game--how did I know you would have a sports picture? Let's see--before I go--I bet there is a fish in Tom's header today.

  4. Fantastic shots! Absolutely stunning....

  5. A lot of delightful and fun times and places you have!