Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Anything Goes

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Group Theme ~ Anything Goes!

Anything Goes = I Get to Choose My Theme. Which is:

The Color of Winter

Since we've been entrenched (literally and figuratively) in winter, in this seemingly interminable January, I figured I'd make the most of it.  So, here is my header, full-shot mode:

Since there's no way I'd go out in minus-11-degree weather to snag some winter weather images, I'm sharing images from a winter walk that Fernando and I went on earlier in January.  The above header image is actually the last shot I took on our walk.  As we crossed the footbridge on our way to the parking lot, I looked to my left and saw the rocks wearing their hats of snow as the brook emptied its not-quite-frozen contents into the river beyond.  I took the shot kneeling way down to get between the floor of the bridge and the lowest rail.  The perspective was beautiful.

I love those white-capped stones, and the starkness of the trees.  I almost converted the image to black and white, but there was something about those two splashes of gold from the dormant grass that adds an extra warmth and beauty to this scene.  It was a perfect image to end our walk on.

Here are my favorite images from our visit.

At the start of our path.

I edited most of these in black and white mode, which I felt lent itself to the starkness of the season.  Both black (all colors) and white (the absence of color) work together to create beauty of their own, and help me to see that winter is also about shapes and mood.

I love the shape and contrast of winter trees.

Winter prairie scene.

The next image below lent itself to sepia tones.  Although I love the same image in black and white, the sepia adds a little more warmth to the scene.

On the bridge at the river.

In case you wondered, below is the same shot taken a few Octobers ago, with the same tree branch framing the shot (I knew I liked that frame!!).

I vaguely recall that we're supposed to include an image featured in a past header, so here's my header image from January 2:

Toldja we've been entrenched in winter all month!!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Well Christine, you certainly pulled some fantastic shots out of the bag for us all this week.
    Love the B/W, also the sepia, and the colour - real great choice for this weeks theme, luv em all

  2. Christine: Winter is here and you captured it beautifully.

  3. Minus eleven and you're out walking? Not me! I stayed inside sipping soup and wearing layers. Brrrr...

  4. Oh, and I really liked the snow-capped font you used for the header!

  5. Definitely cold! But beautiful header from your previous walk. Love the comparison of seasons in your last shots. We have had several days with single digit temp, but I don't think it went negative.

  6. Treasure the moments. I love the snow, but am really happy to be spending some sun time in Arizona this week.