Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - All Things New

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Theme ~ All Things New

Since it's New Year's Day (meaning wintertime), and since it snowed all day yesterday, and since I'm cold, I'm thinking about snow.  Tie that in with this week's header theme, and you get The First New Snowfall.  You just have to go out and walk in it, catch some snowflakes on your tongue, and marvel at how a blanket of snow can seem to make everything look new--or at least you're looking at things in a new way!

A sunrise is definitely new every morning (just like the mercies of the Lord, according to Psalms)!

And, just like a snowfall makes things look "new," spring flowers bring the promise of warmth and green and all things new!

With all things new, here are some of the new things I'm personally looking forward to this year:

Fernando learning new things (here he is fixing the car after learning
via YouTube videos).  He passed the CDL (commercial driver's license)
test and got his permit yesterday and will soon be in a new job, learning the
ropes as a satellite truck operator!  (Goodbye, unemployment!!)

For Joseph, our autistic son, I hope this new year is filled
with opportunities for him to grow, learn, and develop
into a fruitful participant in life.  (In this image, he got up
with me on our 2011 Florida vacation to catch the last
sunrise of our trip.)

For Thomas and Jacob:  Thomas will graduate our homeschool high school,
and move on to bigger and better things!  Jacob will graduate from WIU and
begin his career in law enforcement with an eye toward the FBI or U.S.
Marshals (watch out, world!).

New beginnings!  There are already three weddings on the horizon this year,
with the promise of a few more for us to attend.

Lastly, for my business, I hope to capture more moments like the above
(holding baby sister for the very first time).  I hope to hone my skills and
shoot better and better!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Great snow,sun and Daffodils, together with all family makes Its All New show

  2. Fantastic, Christine. We have no new snow--only fog. I think you and all those east of you got it all. Congrats to Fernando, and the best to you all for your new endeavors and adventures in the new year.

  3. Beautiful! The sunset with the boys is an exquisite image! your snow (and wind) is schedule to arrive here Thursday afternoon and leave us a few inches.

  4. Smart set. Beautiful takes on the theme. Hey, lemme know if you can use a (free) assistant for any of these wedding shoots.

  5. Christine: It looks like you, Craver and I are sitting and thing about the winter storm Hercules's snowfall. We all live in its path. Stay warm and safe as it continues.
    I'm so happy hubby found employment.