Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - People Reflections

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Theme ~ Reflections of People

I hope I understood this week's theme correctly.  :)

At first, I didn't think I had but one or two reflections of people.  I actually wish my portfolio included some with water as a reflection, since I've seen some really neat images using that technique.  That is a photography wish for this spring, though.  :)  Here's what I do have.  First, the full image from my header:

This young lady, Laura, accompanied her mother to a speaking engagement in Georgia for which I was the photographer.  I snapped a few pics of her playing the piano in between workshops, then I noticed her reflection in the piano.  Shutter speed is slow; I probably used a tripod (1/6 second, I think), and I focused on her reflection.  This shot was taken early in my digital years, so I was thrilled when the image turned out.

I didn't notice the reflection in Thomas' shades, below, but once I did, I had my dad pose just right for me.  These were taken at our beloved Lake Bonaparte.

Mirrors are another great place to capture reflections, and one really cool "mirror," if you will, exists in the form of a bean.  The Bean, downtown Chicago, whose real name is the Cloud Gate.  Pardon my old banner watermark--and possibly my first attempts at photo editing.  I do like the sepia still, though!

Then there's the obligatory "selfie couple" shot in the Bean.

I remember sitting a distance off, just people-watching with Fernando, when I spotted this little boy who was fascinated with his reflection in the Bean.  I stuck my 70-300mm lens on, and captured him playing with his reflection.

Speaking of mirrors, we found a broken one in our garage.  Danny held it up for one of my selfies.  Hello, Picasso!

My favorite selfie reflection, though, was taken at the Eiffel Tower.  Fernando and I had already waited in line over an hour, but at this point we were inside the building awaiting the elevator to take us up to the top of the Tower.  I spotted our reflection in a window, and snapped the below.

Hope you enjoyed my reflections--both images and memories!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. The subtle reflection in the piano is priceless! And the boy and the bean is precious. Very nice collection of people reflections. (And as for interpretation of theme it's great. One of the nice things about this meme is that it is about each person's interpretation - the meme police are not watching.)

    1. Thanks, Lew! I'm glad there aren't any meme police around, lol!! Thanks for your comments, too--I really was thrilled and proud for noticing and capturing her reflection in the piano!

  2. Great Piano Shot and Glass reflections, but my fav one is the large mirror in sepia with reflections Christine, nice work my friend.

  3. Christine: Certainly enjoyed your photos for the challenge, nicely done.

  4. The piano reflection is excellent!

  5. I wish I had had time (or taken it) to search my files for some reflections. You have reminded me of many that I have taken.