Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Ideal Weather

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Theme ~ Ideal Weather

This theme presented some problems for me!  I mean, I know what my perfect day is, weather-wise:  in the 70s, warm enough to wear a simple skirt and top, being able to have the house windows open.  But if I think of my favorite _____, I always answer, "It depends."  For instance, if you ask me right now what my favorite food is, I'll answer with something I really like but haven't had in a while (meaning I'm thinking about making it soon).  My favorite book?  Whichever happens to pop into my head.  My favorite Bible verse?  One I've read recently that impacted my life.

So--my favorite weather?  Well, it depends!  It depends on where I am, what I'm doing...  In conclusion (!), I chose this week's photos based on one of my favorite locations in the world:  Lake Bonaparte, nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.  Here's my header, taken while I was up there one autumn (my only autumn on the Lake!) a few years back:

Rich (a family friend, above), had the right idea on this perfectly beautiful, 75-degree autumn day for our last boat ride (a group of boats) around the Lake before everyone removed their boats from the water for winter storage.  Relaxing, enjoying the warmth of the sun, just being.  That's what you're supposed to do at the Lake.

What would be the ideal weather for this special place?  Let me tell you...

  • Cool enough in the morning that I may have to wear a light jacket when I walk down to the dock to greet the Lake.

  • The breeze would be faint--if anything at all--while I took in the blue of the water and the sky.

  • Later on, it would be warm enough to go for a swim at Winter Bay, or a boat ride in my dad's Cadillac (old boat of his dad's, which he restored).

  • It would be warm enough to go to the back side of Round Island where the rope swing is, for an afternoon of fun and splashes.

  • It would be beautiful enough on a Friday morning to go into town (Carthage) for the weekly farmers market to browse and buy.

  • It would be loon weather--whatever that is!--so I can finally get a good shot of one of these elusive birds.

  • It wouldn't be too hot, though, so we could boat over to Huckleberry Rock, clamber out to find a foothold, and perch precariously on the side of the rock to pick as many huckleberries as we could!

  • If I go in autumn, it would be warm enough for me to enjoy the view of the Oswegatchie River in town (Harrisville, pop. <250).

  • And of course, in summer, it would be warm enough to warrant a trip to Treats n 'Tiques, the local ice cream shop 15 minutes away in Natural Bridge.

But, any day on the Lake needs to end in a beautiful evening, because even if I have to wear a light jacket for the evening's cool down, and even if I have to coat myself in mosquito repellant (I usually do), a mix of clouds in the sky means an incredible sunset is on the way.

Here is one sunset, with the photos taken several minutes apart throughout its course.

It's almost too much to take in, in just one night.  Almost.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Super weather for the final boat ride of the season!

  2. A host of Beautiful photos Christine, and I really like this Header too.

  3. Christine: Wonderful set of photos on the lake. I certainly would like to visit there.

  4. Looks like a perfect day. And I agree, it depends. You will see what I mean with my own header.