Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekly Header Challenge -- Who Done It?

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Theme ~ Who Done It?

I thought I'd have a hard time coming up with some images for this theme.  But, scrolling through past images helped me see that I did have a lot of images that I felt fit!  The Who Done It? question conjures up mystery, as in either "Who did what happened in this picture?" or "What is going on in this picture?"

I supposed I could've chosen any one of the below images you'll see for my header, but this first image was creepy enough for me to make it shine up top.  Basically, Danny and I were cleaning out the garage, and we came across an old VCR that Fernando put out there on his workshop counter.  Something had gone wrong with it, and he thought he'd get around to fixing it some day.  But, when we followed a trail of critter droppings we found during clean-up, it led us to the largest concentration near said VCR.  When we spotted something moving inside the VCR, we knew we were in trouble.  We suspected a mouse, so we put the VCR in a see-through Rubbermaid tote box and shined a flashlight in.  I captured the below foot, and you might be able to see the tail.  Creepy, huh?

And then through the plastic bin, the critter popped his head out to see what was up.

And that's who dunnit.  :)  Here are the rest of my themed images for this week:

Who broke my favorite tea mug?  I did, while washing it.  Grr.

Who scored the strike?  Probably my son Thomas last year, when we used to bowl with my parents on a weekly basis.

Who made the splash?  Fernando, the biggest guy in the pool.  Our friends' kids thought it was awesome.  :)

Okay, skip the fact that they're nice-looking legs.  I don't know who they are, but I took the picture at this Labor Day parade because I wanted to know Who in their right minds would walk an entire parade in those shoes?

It looks like Thomas is guilty of the mess, but all of us contributed it to it.  He just posed for me for extra effect.

This below was not a fun phone call.  Jacob, who had just left to drive to his first internship, took a turn a teensy wide and grazed (okay, more than grazed) the curb, blowing out the tire.  Another grr.

We came to his rescue, then made him fix it.

Who got my garden gloves all dirty?  Well, I did, of course!  They are awesome gloves and came pretty clean easily enough.

Who made this mountain of packing paper so high that her mother couldn't get into her own master bedroom of her new house on move-in day?  Ahem, no comment.  ;)

My mom.  (I was trying to make her laugh on a stressful day.  It worked.)

My sweet Joseph spent an hour flattening the paper for his grandparents.

Jacob (the 22yo tire-smashing son from above) was helping me bake Thanksgiving pies last year, and the recipe called for a stick and a half of butter, cut up.  Which is what he did.

There's a boy in those shoes!  Danny climbed in under the ping pong table (moving my parents' stuff out of our house into their new one--finally!!), in order to get stuff tied down properly for the drive.

And, that's who done it!!

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  1. Couldn't work out what this Header was going to be, very interesting - then your post arrived, ah, so thats it. Great for a who done it Christine.

  2. Well, this was tons of fun, Christine! The header pic was very creepy. It's a lot cuter once it's explained.

    1. Craver, the mouse's face was definitely cuter than its hand sticking out...!

  3. My son, about ten at the time, walked the whole parade on homemade stilts. He and the rest of the kids and a couple of neighbors started out near the beginning of the parade as the Sh....n Family Circus--majorette, lion, lion tamer, a couple of clowns. He was one of the clowns in the Emmet Kelley tradition somewhat, and on stilts. He would not jump down and catch up with the others, but did the whole two miles on the stilts, coming in at the end.

    1. I'm officially in awe of your son! I still don't know how those two ladies walked the whole way. I would have died after 100 yards or so!! :D

  4. Fun post Christine, it was fun to see Who Done It.

  5. The hand does make this creepy and gave me pause as to what was there. And you found a lot of "who done it" stuff around your place!

    1. Lew, I was surprised at how many pic's fit this theme! That mouse adventure was certainly exciting.