Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekly Header Challenge -- "It's In The Computer!"

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Theme ~ "It's In The Computer!"

Okay, I was challenged by this week's header challenge.  (That sounds funny...)

I mean, I'm so used to computers now, I can't imagine life without them.  I remember my first computer, an IBM XT with two floppy disk drives.  Wow, was that special.  Now, I've got this smart phone, where I can surf the net, watch videos, post on Facebook, and search for how to get rid of fruit flies (my current day's dilemma).  Times have changed.

One of the (really, really) good benefits of a computer is this wonderful thing called Skype.  That's what my header is about.  Here's the full image before "header editing" took over:

That's one of my college boys "in" our computer.  Danny, the stay-at-home college boy, took the picture for me.  Jacob had gone away to Western Illinois University, and in the first few weeks of school, lost his roommate (a long story but he ended up with a room to himself for the year).  Needless to say, he got lonely at times.  And, being a people-person (to the max), phone calls home just didn't work for him.  He needed to see our faces.

So Danny, college boy and tech-whiz kid, bought some webcams and "hooked us up."  Jacob would text me with a time, we'd call him via Skype, and boom--there he was in the computer.  The downside to Skype is that I have to sit in front of a screen while I talked and listened.  No washing the dishes with the phone crammed between my head and shoulder.  Not even gardening one-handed with the other holding my cell phone.  See, with Skype, Jacob couldn't have just a 15-minute conversation.  He wanted to spend a good two hours with us.  We'd try to cycle through family members during that time, and even tried pulling up a couch so we could have a group conversation.  But it usually ended with Jacob and me.  :)

I'd make a cup of tea before we connected, and Jacob would put on his hot pot and make his tea while I watched.  And that is what you see above--Jacob and I, sharing tea and conversation long distance.

Here's Danny the Tech Whiz below, with younger brother Thomas' arm in the image.  They spent an entire afternoon taking apart our computer and cleaning it, which it apparently needs every now and then.  They did it for fun.  I don't get that, but I had a nice, clean computer at the end so who's complaining?  Not I.

One last "computer" image, which I took when our tech-y guys and their tech-y friends helped us move the computer desk unit from the family room to our front living room.  I'm so glad I didn't have to sort it all out!

Inside the belly of the computer desk.

I'm so very thankful for tech-minded sons!  I hope you enjoyed this week's header challenge, and please hop on over to the others' blogs to see some more cool images!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Indeed, there are now multiple ways to have family "in" the computer! And in a limited way you are now in my computer. And when the computer starts making funny noises, it's time to clean it. (That's what I was doing to Marianne's computer when I took the pictures.)

  2. You're more high tech than I am Christine, lol.
    Great show.

  3. Christine: Interesting take on the theme, funny to see a person you know in the computer.

  4. The header shot came out great! I hope we can sit my Josh down with your Danny. My son may be interested in pursuing some more computer learning, but we want to get an idea of how to guide him that way.

  5. Our very first computers had no floppy drives---no storage at all. Pretty useless, but from that beginning our oldest son went on to create a software business. And I understand the spaghetti of wires. I have elimenated some of them with a wireless connetion and wireless printer.

  6. I'm the tech person in our house, so I enjoy taking computers apart and cleaning them and helping people connect with Skype and all. Glad you got yours going. :)