Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekly Header Challenge - No Fear

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Theme ~ No Fear

I'm posting rather late in the day, so fewer words with my pictures this time!  (So sorry I'm late!)

I got to choose the theme for this week.  Since Halloween tends to be about death and all things dark, and scaring the pants off people, I decided to go against the grain and challenge my colleagues to find images that show No Fear.

One day, Thomas was leaping over things.  So, we went outside (it was March) and I set up my tripod, cranked up the ISO to get a super-fast shutter speed (it was dismal and gray out), and he ran and jumped.  He almost didn't clear the glass-topped patio table.  Yikes!  But he showed no fear, and actually jumped 3-4 times.  Here's the sequence from which I pulled my header image:

Later, in a photography class I took, we had to take pictures showing motion--whether stop motion or motion blur.  So we went to a grassy area near our house and set up some sawhorses.  Danny and Thomas both jumped and had tons of fun doing it.

I love the below of Thomas, because you don't know where he jumped from, nor where he is headed.  Looks like he's flying!

Danny decided to be all acrobatic and everything, twisting in the air.  These next two shots show him traveling from right to left, spinning backwards then landing forwards.  Crazy kid.

I also loved capturing their expressions.  It truly was an art form for them.  Here's a funny:  While we were jumping and photographing, one car stopped, the driver leaned over toward the passenger window, and he took a picture of us!  Maybe he thought we were filming for a movie or something.  It was pretty hilarious.  After all the jumping, we walked across the street to Andy's, our absolute favorite ice cream (frozen custard) shop, because of course we had worked up an appetite.  ;)

My conclusion:  Teenage boys have no fear.  :)

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  1. Jumping Jack Flash Christine, Clearly a No fear Post

  2. Christine: What great photos, so neat to see the boys flying through the air.That certainly brought some stories to mind. I'll have to write to you.

  3. Wonderful! Kids these days have little fear, especially boys (except when it comes to doing sweet things for someone other than Mom.

  4. None at all. And as Mom, I was always terrified when they did stuff like this.

  5. Oh, my knees hurt just LOOKING at these shots! Did you pan? What kind of speed, ISO & aperture did you work with?