Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Found Object

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Theme ~ Found Object

Chosen by Kathy.

For this week's theme, I decided to show you what I found on my last two visits to the arboretum.  I expected to see certain things there, such as trees and daffodils (at least I hoped for the daffodils to be in bloom!), but some things were unexpected. 

Pictures from Visit #1 -- Using my Macro

Here is the image I used for my header:

This little fella was happily munching away on a nut, right in the middle of the walking path, in the shade of a tree.  I had brought my macro lens as the only lens on my camera, and that allowed me to get a little closer without having to crop the image.  Also, this squirrel was apparently a longtime resident of the arboretum, because he let me get up close and personal without a bit of concern on his part.  Plus, he posed for me, too!

It was a challenge to find shots with just my macro lens, but the below worked well.  Imagine how tall this tree is, since I missed the bottom half!  I discovered a nest up high, plus I loved the twisty trunk.

Fernando discovered a garter snake in the leaves, and "helped" the snake slither my way for its portrait.

Pictures from Visit #2 -- Using my 24-105mm F/4L

Yesterday, Fernando and I went back to the arboretum to see if the daffodils were in bloom yet.  I brought just one lens, a challenge yet again.  Here are the things we found.

Daffodils with scilla scattered around:

Here is part of the daffodil glade.

We took a walk around and found a section of woods covered with mayapples.  They weren't quite open, but when they are, they're the neatest looking sight--the wooded floor covered with little leafy umbrellas.

In an open field, we came upon a clump of white and pink magnolia trees.  What a pretty spring sight! 

Here are the fuzzy buds from a few of the trees:

And one of the open blossoms:

Those are just a few of the things we found on our two trips.  I know there'll be other things to discover the next time we go, and I can't wait until then!

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  1. You got 2 weeks here Christine, lol - gives us a preview. Love the macro's a Tame little poser too. daffy were beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Mac! I'll be sure to pull out my macro again, since there's so much to shoot in the spring!

  2. Be sure to check the Mayapples next time. I would love to see them in their glory. Which, of course, the daffs are already displaying.

    1. I hope to see the mayapples again, Kathy! They are so pretty!! I discovered them only a few years ago, and had to wait until last year, when a girlfriend took me to the Arboretum and pointed them out, to figure out what exactly they were.

  3. Very nice captures Christine, great minds if you see mine.

    1. I loved your squirrels, Tom! Great minds, indeed!

  4. You found some beautiful objects . It is especially nice to find a posing squirrel!

    1. Thank you, Lew! That squirrel was so accommodating!