Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weekly Header Challenge - Cloud Formations

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Theme ~ Cloud Formations

I don't usually take photos of interesting cloud formations unless something else is involved--the sun or a storm, for instance.  So with the help of sun and storms, here are my images for the week, starting with the full image from the header:

January 6, 2012 - In the dead of winter (Riverwalk Park, Naperville).
I just happened to catch this while at the park
waiting for Fernando's physical therapy session to end.

September 7, 2013, at Thomas' first home football game (they won!).
I was on the field and this was behind me just prior to the game.
I framed the shot with the speakers on poles to create some symmetry.

July 5, 2013 - Red Hawk Park, Carol Stream, Illinois.
During one of the guys' summer Frisbee games.
I actually edited out the telephone poles on the horizon.  :)

April 14, 2012.
No storm here, but these clouds were like vertical swirly things all lined up.

August 23, 2011, from my front yard mid-morning.
These summer storms are awesome; this one came in in a straight line,
barreling right toward us making things darker and darker.
I just stood there on the edge of my driveway
(that's my house on the left) watching it come in.

June 29, 2012, taken from my back yard patio.
Our back yard faces generally west, and the storms blow in from that direction.
I try to aim my camera high to avoid the signs of suburbia.  ;)

June 11, 2013, standing in my back yard.
A crazy storm blew in and the clouds were much more spectacular in real life.

August 7, 2011, taken from my front yard.
These storms missed us, and they made for a cool image
with the sun setting to the west.

May 19, 2011 -- Vero Beach, Florida.
Friends invited our family down to vacation with them for a week
in a beach house on the Atlantic Ocean.  I made the effort to get up at 6am
and trudge down to the beach to shoot a sunrise,
and this is what greeted me:  an offshore morning storm.

June 1, 2013, taken from my back yard again.
My husband loves me!  I would've missed this one since I was in the basement
editing photos, ironically enough, on the computer down there.
He called me up, saying simply, "Honey, you've got to see this."
It's one of my favorite sunset images!

July 19, 2012.  Read the next photo's caption for details!

July 22, 2012 -- My favorite place on Earth on a summer evening.
Lake Bonaparte, Harrisville, New York.
My parents have a summer home on this lake, and I've been vacationing here
since I was in my mother's womb!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Lovely selection of wonderful and colourful clouds Christine. Great shots, but my fav was June 11th for its formation.

  2. Beautiful collection of clouds! Love the light streaks and shadows. And there is nothing better than sunrise on the beach with a few clouds on the horizon.

  3. Christine: Very nice captures of the cloud filled skies. They were certainly colorful captures.