Thursday, December 26, 2013

Weekly Header Challenge - Boxes

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Theme ~ Boxes

This week's theme was chosen by Katney, who was thinking about Boxing Day for our Brit participant.  :)  I actually have pictures of boxes, which I find humorous.  My header is from autumn 2012, when my parents' new home was move-in ready, and we were able to clear out our garage of all their boxes:

Eighty percent of this stuff is theirs!

The below was written on one of the boxes packed by the movers.  It was sufficiently funny to be picture-worthy.  ;)

Below is a random image of Isaiah at last year's Labor Day parade.  All the kids in our multi-family group brought boxes to stash the candy that is normally passed out by the parade participants to the onlookers.  I don't think he filled his huge box.

Part of every Christmas at our house is the putting away of the tree ornaments.  Every several years, I am compelled to go through the ornaments and cull the ones that are no longer loved, or that are broken, etc.  Then comes a re-organization phase, since I'm wired that way (almost obsessively).  Many ornaments have stories, and I want to make sure they're packed carefully away so I can find them again the next year.  Below are photos I took of last year's re-organization process.

Every shoebox is labeled with every ornament inside (told you I was obsessive).  And everything is so neat and tidy!

Just an FYI--I took these pictures to blog about the organization process; if you want to read about it, click on over to my family blog and enjoy!

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  1. Lots of boxes and nice to have the garage back! I would be careful of the "shad" box. We are working to get room in our garage for the van again.

  2. That's a fantastic pic of Isaiah! Such a great candid!

  3. Well boxed up this week Christine, good show

  4. Christine: Fun captures for boxes day. Loved the box hat the best.