Friday, April 19, 2013

Session Site -- Greene Valley North, Woodridge, IL

I had a group session (more on that soon!) at a playground, and I was concerned that I would be able to take only head-and-shoulders shots.  The playground was surrounded by tennis courts, a parking lot, fences, streets, and houses.  Plus a few other urban sights.  Getting in tight was okay, but I wanted to be able to take shots without having to worry about the angle, or the background.

I visited Google maps to see what was close by, a mile or so around, and found Greene Valley Forest Preserve.  At the north entrance, there was a parking lot, some walking trails, and a dog run area.  I figured I'd better scope it out beforehand and decide the best locations for taking pictures.

And, this past Sunday, with brightened skies and warming spring air, afforded the opportunity for Fernando and me to check out the park, specifically the North Gate.  Here's what greeted our eyes at the very first parking area:

Oh, this was going to be great!  What a beautiful location.  I love that tree, especially pre-leaf.  Its lines were beautiful.

My honey makes a good portrait subject, even if he doesn't look like a high school senior any more.  ;)

Yeah, here's that tree again.

If it's sunny on the photo shoot (postscript--it wasn't), we could hop out of our cars and shoot right here!

Across from the parking lot was a wide open grassy area, with walking paths and a dog run area.  Ooh--an S curve!

That'd make a nice area to shoot in if we have overcast weather (postscript--it was way more than overcast).

What a pretty sky!

I started noticing the shadows in the afternoon sun.  Pretty cool, huh?

Looking west toward the walking paths.

The road led northward to more parking and more grassy areas.

The trees were shorter, and a little more dense.  It was a pretty area to wander, but I don't think I'll shoot there.  Well, except for overcast conditions.

Tree branch shadows were cast all over my "test subject!"

Almost back at our starting point, I noticed a little brook.

The brook is down in there among the prairie grasses.

Time for another head-and-shoulders of my test subject.

This tree is pretty even backlit!

Yeah, I kept a goofy one of him.

Same tree, really cool shadow.  On the right side, the guys saw a woodpecker shape, and I saw a pregnant ballerina, lol.  What do you see?

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  1. Great spot, Christine! I would very much like to take some pictures on a day like that. I am curious if it would work to use a scrim and a reflector, but that would mean that I'd need two helpers. The end result would have soft light on the subject, but high contrasts in the background.

    Hey, what's all that white stuff in Fernando's beard? ;-)

    1. The reflector probably would work; I've never used a scrim before. Yeah, helpers are hard to come by, especially if I have to pay them. Maybe my guys will work for food. ;)

      I would love soft light--I'll have to experiment with it. It's hard to hold photo shoots during the bright sun hours with all that harsh light.

  2. I don't know how it happened, but you blog posts on this site were not showing up in my blog reader. :( I've missed some posts, but I have that all fixed now, and should miss anymore.

    I loved all the snow shots you took and this place is so pretty. I used to live in Woodridge, it has some pretty areas to it. :)