Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet Summer's Eve

We recently invited our church family to our house for an end-of-summer get-together.  We had a beautiful time of fellowship, with children providing the evening's entertainment.  No TV needed here!  A dog-barking app on a friend's iPad was sufficient to amaze this little child.  The expressions on Miss E's face were priceless, and I caught only one of them.

I love the family interaction of this image, with mama and her two girls, and daddy looking on.

Cindy practiced being a grandmama, holding Joy's and Thomas' baby.

Little Mr. A is starting to look just like his older sister, and his personality is just starting to emerge.  He's such a cutie!

Little Miss J and Little Miss E sat themselves down in the doorway, and this was one time I didn't mind shooing someone away so we could shut the door.  :)

I took several shots of them, and fell in love with them all.  For the below image, I applied my own pre-set called Summer's Eve to the image.  I love the vintage look of this winsome photo.

Treasuring life's moments,

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