Thursday, August 23, 2012

German Shepherds and Waterskis

But not in the same picture.  :)

We spent an afternoon one day early on in our vacation at Winter Bay.  Partially owned by the U.S. Army, this area of the lake is all sand, and is a popular swimming area for lake residents.  That's where we were sunning, swimming, and playing Frisbee, when a couple other boats showed up--one with dogs, the other with waterskis.  Of course, I pulled Ellie out to capture some sweet shots.

I'll start with the waterskiing shots--these two young boys were so fun to watch!

I love that last shot--that boy did a serious face plant when he released his grip.  I love that I captured not only his splash (with his face, and a foot sticking up), but I got the hand grip as well.

On to the dogs.  I must tell you--the only dog I do not like is the German shepherd.  I was bit by one at the tender age of five, and it must've made a large impression on me, because they're the only dogs I'm nervous around.  Well, maybe Dobermans, too.  But I get a very unique, queasy feeling around German shepherds.

Anyway, meet Jake and Riley.  (I'm not sure which is which.)

Their owner, Mark Miller, explained that these two dogs--father and son--love to snap at the water when it's splashed in their faces, or in their direction.  The guys made very sure to keep their distance as we splashed toward the two dogs.  Their snapping jaws made a loud, distinct click as their teeth closed at the water droplets.  If a hand got in the way, I'm sure bones would have been broken; that's how powerful their jaws are.

Intense focus

Their whole bodies came out of the water as they leaped at the splashes.  (Another dog, Georgia, got in on the action in the below shot.)

They truly are beautiful animals.

In the below shot, it looks like this guy and Thomas were going at each other!

I think this last image is my favorite German shepherd shot.  I cropped it square so the focus is on the dog and his jaws and teeth.  I love the droplets of water splattered throughout the image, and the water streaming off his front legs.

I eventually got up enough courage to pet one of them.  He didn't seem to even notice I was there.

One fear, somewhat conquered.

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Those are some awesome shots you got - both of the skiers and dogs!

  2. Wow, those are some great shots of the dogs. And very good that you have conquered your fear and pet the dog. :)