Friday, September 9, 2011

Family: Fun and Fellowship

I'd like you to meet a really special family.  Dad is a well-spoken man who loves a good joke--he can give as well as he can take--but who also has a heart to encourage others.  Mom is a Type-A personality, always wanting to do, and a kindred sister in Christ.  Their boys are a mixture of both their personalities, which makes their home an incredibly fun and busy place to spend an afternoon or evening.  Fun is a great word to describe what happens when we get together, but fellowship is an even better word to describe how the Lord is glorified through this amazing family.

Enjoy Marc and Tressey and their boys.  Oh, and say:  tree - see.  There, you got it.  :)

Sometimes I made the boys crack up.  It was a riot when they did, and made for some interesting photos.  :)

 Their typical pose for the camera

And one of my favorites:

Finally, this is what happens when I bring my whole family to a photo shoot.

Yep.  Fun and fellowship.

Capturing the moments of life.


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