Monday, September 12, 2011

365 Project -- #246-252

This is the time in my week when I look back at the images I've captured
the week before, and choose my seven favorites.
These seven--one for each day of the week--are featured below.

I had a great Labor Day weekend with a fun family "date" and a "just us two" date Sunday evening.  To start with, here's what our Suburban's odometer read after we got back that evening:

[246] September 3 -- Vehicular milestone

Back up to the two dates...  Below is my favorite sign to see at Andy's, a frozen custard 1950s-style outdoor ice cream shop just a mile or so from home.  :)  This was the location of our family "date."

[247] September 4 -- My favorite sign at Andy's

Yep, it's always good when Andy's is open.  It was a beautiful evening, barely 70 degrees, beautiful cloudless sky...  But what my son Jacob held for me in his hand below was just as beautiful, and delicious!

[248] September 5 -- Andy's Ozark Turtle Sundae

Mmmm...  While I was busy enjoying my ice cream (and taking pictures), Thomas was busy finding a spot to sit so he could mix his custard in with his root beer to make a root beer float.  Goofy teenager.

[249] September 6 -- Making his own root beer float

On the way home (just a mile or so) I commented to Fernando that we had time to catch a sunset at Springbrook Prairie Forest Preserve.  We often pass by the prairie area and its creeks and paths, since it's between our house and my parents' house.  We pulled into the driveway, and he hollered, "Everyone out!  Mom and I are on a date!"  And we took off, just us two.  *contented sigh*

We made it with about 10-15 minutes of sun left, and this is one of the earlier--and one of the best--shots I captured.  My honey and I, my camera, a sunset.  Perfect evening.  :)

[250] September 7 -- Prairie sunset

On Labor Day, I captured just a few images, the below being one of the typical scenes that day.  Many families from our church met at the Storm family home for a day of enjoying the parade (which passes by their front door), corn toss, Bananagrams (my new favorite game), and other games.  Oh, plus a cookout at noon, of course!

I like the below shots because--even though there's nothing outstanding, nor did I catch a spectacular moment--I feel that I caught the "normal-ness" of activity on a typical American Labor Day.  The black basketball is in mid-air, on its way to the next shooter, while a slight blur captures the motion of the other boy getting ready to catch the orange basketball for another attempt at a shot.  Nothing special, but I like it.

[251] September 8 -- Labor Day fun

Another busy hectic crazy week greeted me, though I did have time to spend in my garden.  When I was done watering, I spotted a spider web just under the spigot.  Again, nothing spectacular, but I like the blue, and the pattern of the water drops.  I shot with my macro lens.

[252] September 9 -- Droplets on spider web

Here's hoping next week will be peaceful.  Oh, I'm just realizing--there are a couple of really special days coming up to share with you!!

Have a beautiful week in the Lord.

Capturing the moments of life.


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