Monday, May 30, 2011

365 Project -- #141-147

Here it is, Memorial Day morning, and I'm working on my blog...  This week is "Convention Week," and I'm going to be super busy, so I'm using today's "vacation" to get my post up.  What a blessing to have already input the images a few days ago!  Then, it's off for a senior photo shoot downtown Chicago, home and laundry, and of course--homeschool convention preparations!

For last week's images, I rounded out the "old" and brought in the "new"--the "old" being our Florida vacation, and the "new" being our life back home in the Prairie State.  Here we go...

I love "freezing" water in time!  I took so many shots of waves when I visited the beach each day.  This is one of my favorites.

[141] May 21 -- Frozen wave

I posted this previously, since I like it so much.  And it deserves a spot on my weekly 365 Project post, too.  It's the moon, taken on manual exposure, ISO 100, bulb setting at 50 seconds (I counted it off in my head), F16.  If you didn't see my previous post, try to spot the two meteorite trails at the top of the image.

[142] May 22 -- Moon vista

On our last day, Joseph and I enjoyed the sunrise before heading back to the beach cottage to pack for the two-day drive home.

[143] May 23 -- Sunrise on the beach

Back home, I spent some time in my gardens--when it wasn't raining, of course.  Love love love my macro lens!

[144] May 24 -- Coral Bells "Marmalade"

[145] May 25 -- Coral Bells "Black Beauty"

[146] May 26 -- Columbine blooms

[147] May 27 -- Fly on brunnera

An abrupt change from "summer" to the reality of spring!  I enjoyed having that week of summer, but I'm also thoroughly enjoying an Illinois spring (except for all the rain/storms).  Have a beautiful week!!

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  1. Love the frozen wave. I love to catch water at high speeds, too. Love the effect.

  2. Gorgeous shots this week. The wave is awesome & the moon picture is phenomenal. Did you edit it?

  3. Love the moon! What? No banana spider photos?