Monday, May 16, 2011

365 Project -- #127-133

I just love automatic posting.  I'm currently in a warmer climate, soaking up sun, enjoying my favorite ocean, playing with family and friends.  Life is good.  God is good.

As I stated in my last "365 Project" post, I am posting images from one event a weekend ago.  I used my Ellie plenty last week, but since our family was making preparations, taking care of last-minute details, and packing and getting out the door, it was easier to share this one group of images with you.  So here they are.

The Y. family hosted an all-church get-together at their house last week Sunday.  Combine lots of families--all of whom are friends!--a bunch of games, some food, great fellowship, some science things thrown in (hey, we're mostly homeschoolers...), and you've got a recipe for certain F-U-N.

This first image has to be one of my favorites.  I have several "swinging" shots that I love, but this is the only girl one (they were all wearing dresses and let me tell you--it's hard to shoot that!).  But this one works for me on all counts--big grin, hair flying, and mid-flight!

[127] May 7 -- Swinging

Talk about flying!  I had to share this, too, even though it's backlit and created a halo effect around little Nathaniel.  I mean seriously--a little guy and his daddy giving him a free "ride."  (Mom wasn't looking.)

[128] May 8 -- Way up high

Throw in some "science" activities, and everyone's happy.  Mr. K had this thing rigged, where you fill a two-liter bottle part way with water, then a machine does something or other (suck air out?  I'm not sure...), then the water shoots out through the hole and launches the bottle skyward.  The bottle flew really high, too!  I love the lack of expression on Jonathan's face.  This image was the first in the series, and the second image shows his reaction to the whoosh of the bottle being launched.  Awesome!

[129] May 9 -- Water bottle rocket

And...a launch of a different kind.  Again, I was happy to sit there and capture every single rocket launch they did.  This image was is particularly cool due to the sparks.

[130] May 10 -- Liftoff

You know your friends don't mind you running around with your camera all afternoon when you hear them holler, "Hey, Christine!  Over here!  Photo shoot!  Photo shoot!"  They all know that I love babies, and that Ellie is a baby magnet.  I've captured this little lady before, but she's grown just a bit and her daddy was making her smile.  Even though the focus is off, I love her adoring expression as she gazes up at her dad.

[131] May 11 -- Little girl smile

Tina Grace was dancing around waving a dandelion, and I caught several images of her.  During an impromptu song session, this little four-year-old requested that we sing The Old Rugged Cross, and then she ballet-danced her way through it.  She was precious!

[132] -- May 12 -- Tina Grace

The fiddler in the image below is a good friend to my guys.  Dan is a mature young man, about to graduate alongside our own Danny in a few weeks, on his way to making a mark for God in this world.

[133] May 13 -- Fiddle accompaniment

That was my Sunday afternoon.  Oh, there were so many more pictures; if you want to see them, click here to visit the album at my personal Facebook page.

And please--feel free to leave comments, knowing that I will surely visit your blog in return!  Since I'm away, I will play catch-up with you next week.  Thanks for your patience!!

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  1. Very cool, action shots and love the last one! Nice job pre-posting!

  2. Wow the action shots are great! I love the swinging one. now I need to take stunt Man to the park and let him swing. Love that.
    Great shot of the fiddle too. BEautiful.