Friday, April 15, 2011

Looks Like This Image Isn't Showing Up!

 Word of Explanation!!

Many of my graphics for this blog
are connected to Photobucket, which has, for some reason, gone

 --  ka-plooie  --

on me.

I've seen a few other blogs with issues, but it seems they have all been corrected.  Alas, not mine.

I am seriously not happy, and will probably soon take action.  When I have time.  Grrr.  

For now, enjoy the lovely gray Photobucket signs around my blog...

Don't worry--my blog still works, all the buttons and links work, except things are a bit...gray.
Grrr again.

Capturing the moments of life.


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  1. Oh no - I hope you get it sorted soon. Let us know how you get on incase it happens to any of us readers aswell. I use photobucket aswell and I was getting worried about my other blog today as I had nearly 500 people viewing one blog post today - thankfully it's not linked to my photography blog or else I probably would have used all my free bandwidth with photobucket.

  2. Well that stinks. Hop it gets figured out. I am your newest follower. I thought I was following. Sorry. Now I am.