Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little Boys Make Me Smile

I love when I'm at a photo shoot, and a photo shoot breaks out.  :)

During my two-day photo shoot in Georgia, I took both candid images and more formal portraits of mothers and daughters.  One mom asked me if I would take some shots of her little guy.  She didn't know that my camera, Ellie, is a baby magnet!  Of course I loved it!  We went to the lobby, spread out a comforter, and set little Angus down.  And he smiled, drooled, and laughed his way into my heart within, oh, five seconds.  Ellie was hooked even though we spend just ten minutes with him.  Enjoy these highlights of my time with little Angus.

Living life; capturing life.


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  1. Really nice portraits of the baby! Very cute!


  2. Beautiful photos, Christine. I love the sepia toned ones (or maybe they're desaturated?). Very sweet and what a cute smile!