Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekly Header Challenge -- Favorite Animal

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Theme ~ Favorite Animal

Chosen by Tom.

When it comes to photography, I have lots of favorite animals.  They're usually ones I can get really good pictures of!  My favorite one this year is the praying mantis.  I accidentally watered this fierce little guy in my green beans late this summer.  Here's the full, uncropped image.

Here he is, with all the water droplets...

Besides the praying mantis, I love birds.  I captured this osprey in flight (and trying to catch a fish!) at Lake Bonaparte this summer!

Here's another osprey--or maybe the same one--with its catch, flying away.

I absolutely love loons, especially their haunting birdsong.

This red tailed hawk was in my backyard!  I love these birds.

I spotted this downy woodpecker tap-tap-tapping away in the dead tree on the other side of my back yard fence...

And, there's always dogs.  I love man's best friend!

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  1. Some great nature shots you have captured! Interesting color on the mantis - the ones I have seen are green.

  2. Great shot of the Mantis Christine, also of your other favs.

  3. Very nicely captured Christine, love those praying mantis captures and the other animals.

  4. I am fond of preying manitises too. When I was teaching first grade we kept one as a pet. On parent night, I fed him some grasshoppers. The parents were in the room and one spotted the mantis with a grasshopper under each arm munching away. "Hey, look!" I did not have to explain curriculum any further.