Thursday, March 31, 2016

Weekly Header Challenge -- Animals

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Theme ~ Animals

Chosen by Kathy.

For this week's theme, I'm sharing some images I took this past January of one particular animal.  Meet Zoey!  She is my friend's cockapoo, and we dog-sat her for a few weeks while her people were on vacation.  She loved going outside and never wanted to come in, and she also loved the snow that remained on the ground.  We would toss chunks of it in the air, and she went racing after each piece, even letting it hit her in the face.  Such a goofy, fun dog!

Here's the image I used for my header, racing toward me and the next hunk of snow with her ears flapping as she ran: 

Enjoy the rest of these photos of Zoey having fun in our back yard!

Got her flying through the air!

Attacking the snow chunks.

C'mon!  Throw some more snow for me!  *bark, bark*

Treasuring life's moments,


  1. Delightful! Great action shots.

  2. Magic Zoey shots there Christine, full of bounce and Fun