Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Letting Go

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

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Theme ~ Letting Go

Chosen by me.

Although I had something specific in mind for this week's theme choice, I thought that it would be broad enough that my fellow Headbangers would be able to get creative with it.  Here is the image I chose to use in my header:

This was my wedding dress, from almost 28 years ago!  In my journey to a simpler life, I've been decluttering and getting rid of excess in our home.  One item I ran across when we "remodeled" our master bedroom closet was my wedding dress and veil.  I was okay with donating it to Goodwill, but wasn't completely sure until Fernando gave me two thumbs up.  It was time to Let Go and say goodbye to this physical item that was no longer serving a purpose in my life.

To help preserve my memories, I decided to do a little photo shoot my the dress and veil, and had planned on doing it at The Morton Arboretum a month ago.  I had the dress ready, my camera bag packed, but when Fernando and I arrived at the Arboretum, I discovered I left the dress at home, in a bag next to the front door.  Sigh.

Seeing that my theme was scheduled for this week, yesterday seemed like a good time to get this photo shoot taken care of.  *The queen of procrastinators has spoken.*

The only logistically available place yesterday was my back yard.  I figured--why not?  This venue was also more significant to me than the Arboretum; we've lived here for 17 years and I have a special place (under "construction") in the corner of the yard.  So, that's where I went.

It was breezy and cool, but I managed to get some pretty images of the dress and veil, plus some of the details--beading, lace, fabric.  A friend made this dress for me as a wedding gift, so it was important in more ways than one to capture the details.

I've told many friends, when they've had a hard time getting rid of something with memories attached, to take a picture of that item, then say goodbye.  Having photos helps preserve the memories, detaching them from the physical item and freeing me from the burden of excess stuff.  Thanks for helping me along this journey!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Magical Moments in Time Christine, neat and a Beautiful post throughout.

    1. Thank you, Mac! It is very hard to get rid of sentimental items, but this method was an easy and beautiful way for me to do it. :)

  2. Nicely done Christine, it was a charitable thing to do.

    1. Tom, it was time to let it go, really! Plus, the elastic button closures were shot, and the cloth covering the buttons was also frayed/tattered. Hopefully someone can use the lace and the fabric, since that's all in great condition. :)