Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weekly Header Challenge -- Any Sport Not Played with a Ball

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Theme ~ Any Sport Not Played with a Ball

Chosen by Mac.

I believe this is the only sport I've photographed which isn't played with a ball.  Unless chess or Scrabble is a sport...

I cropped my header image (above, if you're reading this the week it was published) so you can't tell just what that object is they're trying to catch.  Here's the full image:

Frisbee, and some serious air time!

For years, our guys have been involved in an informal Frisbee league which meets weekly throughout the summer.  Today, I'm featuring images I took at one of the games last year.

This sport is technically called Frisbee football, and involves passing, catching, throwing, blocking, etc., in order for your team to get the Frisbee into the goal--someone has to catch it in the end zone.  There isn't supposed to be physical contact, nor can you run once you've caught the Frisbee.  I tried playing it once--there are several dads who play--but gave up halfway through and decided that photographing it was much more to my liking than running around on a hot, humid summer evening.

Photographing sports means a fast shutter speed to freeze the action.  This also means a higher ISO, especially for this game played in the evening.  By the end of the night (dusk) I had my camera set to ISO 8000 to obtain at least a 1/500 second shutter speed (fast enough to freeze most sports).

I also take a lot of multiple images (in burst mode) to capture the action.  I try to keep just the best shot that captures the action; otherwise, I end up with hundreds of images!

Brothers chasing down the Frisbee.

Don't collide!

This was a nice trip down Memory Lane for me, and since it's supposed to be in the 80s today, it feels like a Frisbee day!

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  1. Grand fun was had by all Christine, lovely show.

  2. Looks like fun. I know what you mean about the burst mode or sports setting. I have some thousand pictures of a soccer game I photograph each year.

    1. Yes, Kathy! I even try to shoot just my own kids, but then there are some action shots that are cool enough to keep... It goes on and on!!

  3. Great action shots! I thought of selection Frisbee golf, but the day I was at that park no one was playing.

    1. Lew, you had some great pictures on your blog; I'd say you did a fine job of finding a sport not played with a ball. :)

  4. Cool Christine, when I saw the soccer net I thought whoops.

    1. LOL, Tom, on the soccer net. It's there because they were playing on a soccer field!