Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - The Dark Side

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Theme ~ The Dark Side

Chosen by Katney.

I want you to know that I really debated with myself over this week's header.  My first thought, obviously, was Star Wars, and although I could find some related images, my mind wandered just a little to the...dark side.  Yep--my header portrays just one aspect of the "dark side" of my family.  Jacob's 23rd birthday was in January, and we turned off the lights to get a good candles-in-the-dark image.  He decided to have a little fun with it, and the image turned out quite dark and creepy, as you can see below.

Major creepy, huh?  Welcome to my family.  ;)

To get the horizontal aspect of the header, I had to crop a lot out.  But I really felt this image best portrayed the theme.  Sorry, folks!  Now on to some happier dark images.  Here's the actual cake-and-candles image I took at Jacob's birthday:

On an evening out for ice cream with friends, we spotted several military helicopters coming in for a landing at our local airport.  I snapped this great image below--the darkness of night, plus the darkness of nighttime military maneuvers.

Winter can be a dark time, and we certainly had an endless one this past season.  Here was the view out of our front living room window early in January.  (You can see the shape of the angel on top of our manger.)

And here was the view out of the same window in April.  Long and dark winter, that was for sure.

There's a lot of light reflected on these evening storm clouds over our neighborhood, but there's a slightly menacing feel to them as well.

I love the below image, even though it was a mistake.  Really.  I think it looks like a dark, misty scene, with fog and shadowy trees, and some weird lights floating around.

Here below is almost the same scene.  I had been setting up a pre-fireworks image, and wanted to test the shutter speed.  I recall I had it at 3-4 seconds, and got a nice image (below).  I then pressed the shutter a few minutes later, and started to move the camera, forgetting that I had it on such a long shutter speed.  The above image resulted, but it actually turned out pretty cool.

After all the darkness and creepiness, I leave you with this cute image:  my friend's daughter, playing hide-and-seek after their house had been emptied for moving, peeked out from the darkness long enough for me to get this cute image.

What dark treasures await me at your blogs today?  I'm off to see!

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  1. Nicely done! Great work to get the helo in the low light.

  2. I love your choices. After setting the theme I thought it might be a bit worrisome, but so far it's worked out well.

  3. My favorite of these is the one where the birthday candles are being lit. It reminds me of a fantastic B&W someone took about 50 (or more) years ago. It was film, of course. The image was a self portrait, where the photographer was lighting his pipe, and the only light source was the lit match.

  4. Love your Header Christine, also post pics are a de-light. lol

  5. Neat capture for your header Christine. I don't think my camera would capture this.