Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Street Performers

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Theme ~ Street Performers

Chosen by Mac.

Short of finding a circus or possibly visiting downtown Chicago, I didn't think I'd find any street performers here in the typical suburbs of America.  Once again, I found myself traveling back to Paris, where street performers abound, and where I actually took pictures of them.

Here's the full image that produced my header:

Okay, really, this guy was just creepy.  We were waiting in a very, very, very long line to go up the Eiffel Tower, and this guy was apparently there to entertain us.  People didn't really notice him at first; he'd sneak up next to someone, maybe put his arm around her as she walked by.  Then she'd realize it was this creepy dude, and freak out.  The crowd would predictably laugh, and so it went.  I told Fernando he'd better keep this guy away from me.  After awhile, Fernando commented that if the guy got close, Fernando would just "jump" him and give him a huge hug.  And it happened!  The guy was startled, and the crowd loved it.  He hugged Fernando back so I could take his picture.

Here's a much more quintessential street performer we discovered just outside the Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens).

And the most French street performer of all was this gentleman on Ile St. Louis, where we stopped five nights in a row to get ice cream from Berthillon.  It was magical!

This interesting character was on the Metro car in front of us, doing back flips and other acrobatics (Fernando saw him and thought we'd be in for a treat when he and his fellow musicians hopped on our car at the next stop).  One gentleman (off to my right) put on some rap-type music, the gentleman with the accordion played (yes--along with rap music!), and the pink-shirted guy started dancing away!  The crazy part was, he practically gave me a lap dance; I leaned around him and half-teasingly hollered at Fernando (seated across from me; you can see his striped shirt and part of his face on the right):  "Help!"

When their performance ended, they passed the hat for donations.  Fernando told him in English (we doubt he understood), "Hey, that was my wife!  I'm not giving you anything!!"  It was definitely good for a laugh later on.

Hope you have some interesting and fun performances to share!

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  1. Delightful street perfomers! And great to get the jump of the one who sneaks up on people. The big cities are the place to find these performer.

  2. I sat here for a while, admiring the cropping and composition of your header. You have a good eye, Christine!!

  3. I also had to depend on my travels for street performers. We were all outside the box this week.