Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge ~ Forced Perspective

It's time for the Weekly Header Challenge!

"Headbanger" Participants

I'm joining in the group above for this weekly challenge.
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Theme ~ Forced Perspective

Chosen by Craver.

All the example images that Craver sent to us were so creative!  I had to dig back in my archives, because I just didn't have the mental energy to come up with something new.  Here is my full-size header image.  I had to really crop it since it's vertical!  Plus I hope you'll appreciate the fact that I had to sweet-talk Fernando into doing it.  He loves me.  :)

One of the Forced Perspective classics!  The funny thing is--see the guy on the left side of the image?  His girl got him to do it, too!  I thought that was a nice added bonus.  :)

Can't wait to see the creativity by my other blogger friends!!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. You got the theme perfectly! And I bet had a fun time on your trip.

  2. Oh, that's so funny that the dude in the background was doing it, too! Be careful, Fernando; that point looks sharp!

  3. And you probably aren't the only two. I didn't do that when I was at the Louvre. There was no pyramid then. (I am old.)

    The Balloon Rally Facebook feed is featuring a picture of a lady holding one of the balloons. so we weren't the only ones either.

  4. Interesting take on the theme Christine. This was a tough one.