Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge -- Unexpected Photo Result

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Theme ~ Unexpected Photo Result

Chosen by Tom.

I really struggled with this week's theme, but I finally decided to go through my football images and see if there were any I could use.  I was the team photographer for the Crossroads Crusaders, a traveling homeschool football team, and I figured I could find some unexpected results in the gobs of pictures I took.  I decided on my header by way of this story:

We were down near St. Louis for a game against another homeschool team, the Panthers, a few weeks ago.  We were really beating them, too, so the guys were in high spirits.  At halftime, they grouped in the end zone to rest (it was in the 80s, so very hot for them wearing all their gear) before the second half began.  I started snapping candids of the players, who were laughing, smiling, and generally having a good time together.  Here are some shots I got...

Then I came across Marcello, whom the kids call Bus--because when you run into him, it's like running into a bus:  you just fall down.  And you don't want him falling on you, either.  He knew I was aiming the lens at him (he told me later), so he made a face.  This is what I found when I downloaded all the images from the game:

My full header image.

I edited it with the words, "But Coach, this IS my game face!" and put it on Facebook, where it became an instant hit with all his teammates and friends.  Glad I could help him out!  When I processed all the images, I found that Marcello had made a face every single time I aimed the camera at him!  Here are the rest of his faces.

To be fair, Marcello is a super nice guy, so in his honor, here he is leading his team out of the locker room at their homecoming game.

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  1. Very nicely capture Christine, the Bus is really expressive..

  2. Those are fun shots. It's a big answer to prayer, how Josiah's ankle healed so quickly!

  3. Nicely captured! Looks like he had his game face on and was ready for action!

  4. Well played Christine, lots of face pulling here.

  5. Love that game face. I bet he is a fun guy to be around.