Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Why Are You Taking a Picture of THAT?

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Theme ~ Why Are You Taking a Picture of THAT?

Chosen by Kathy.

Invariably, when I would take an "odd" picture, a family member would ask me, "Mom (Honey), why are you taking a picture of that?"  When someone would see me lying on the ground, he'd ask, "What are you doing?"  It's either sad, or funny, that that no longer happens.  Most of the time my odd shots don't even elicit an eye roll.  :)

Here's my header image, uncropped:

So, I was making spaghetti sauce, and wanted to take pictures of Danny smashing up the whole tomatoes (we Italians do this by hand), but by the time I got my gear out, he was done.  Except for his tomato-y hand.  So I took a picture of it.

Here are some more really random "Why did she...?" shots.

I picked some basil from my garden, and put the unused stems in water.  This one rooted.  So I took a picture of it.

Then I planted it, of course!

Yes, sticks on my family room floor...

But I turned them into this for Christmas decor last year:

I took this image for a client's website.

Every six months I take a picture of our truck.  Pretty random, huh?  Not really--that "bookoo" sticker gives me free membership for its online "yard sale" selling website.  To keep my membership free, I have to upload a picture of their sticker on my vehicle every six months.

This last image should be self-explanatory.  I was so tickled I took a picture.  Now everyone knows the truth!  ;)

Have a beautiful Wednesday, friends!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. EEEE Christine, we are both very nearly on the same lines once again,
    Great shots, glad it wasn't your arm, with hairs on,lol sorry,lol.
    Love your post.

    1. Right, Mac! Hairy arms in sauce is gross, and I'm also glad you didn't think that was my own hairy arm, lol!!

  2. When you don't need the street name and ZIP, you know you are ordering too much online! Glad it was just tomatoes on his hand!

    1. Lew, I did edit out my street address for safety's sake. :) I suppose Danny's hand could have been construed as something gruesome, huh? :D

  3. The Great Christine loves rooting from Basil.

  4. That last reminds me of receipts I have taken pictures of. Like the time they misplaced the decimal point on a fabric cut and instead of .4 something something yards I was tagged with something like 4000 yards. Needless to say it was corrected at the register.