Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Underground

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Theme ~ Underground

Chosen by Lew.

Well, was this a tough theme!  I tried to think of things that are underground, or if I've ever been underground.  And the latter was the basis for most of my pictures.  For one beautiful week, I went underground frequently--and that was in Paris, whenever we rode the Métro.  And I took some pictures to prove it! The full image of my header:

The picture above is one of the first pictures I took on our anniversary trip to Paris.  Shot rather stealthily, it's at a cockeyed angle, but I like the feel of it with the curved walls, the lone Métro rider in red in the background, and the track disappearing into the tunnel. Here's one of the many entrances to the Métro.

One of our last Métro rides was on a Friday night, after visiting the Arc de Triomphe.  This was another "shot from the hip."

And this is our very last time riding the Métro, leaving the station to head back to our appartement to pack what we could and catch some sleep before our very early morning departure for the airport.

How about a recent Underground picture?  We do have a basement, which is underground!  Far less interesting than the Paris Métro, but hey, it fits the theme and this was just several days ago!

That's oregano from my garden, hanging to dry in front of our hot water heater and furnace, among all the pipes and "guts" of our hosue.  And that's thyme hanging down real low there, also from my garden.  Once these herbs are dry, I'll remove the leaves, crush and store them, then harvest some more.  I have tons of oregano to keep me busy all summer!

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  1. Great minds - and all that Christine, a little anyway. Love your metro shots.

  2. Beautiful shots of the Paris underground!

  3. When we got this theme, I got to thinking about scenes in a subway, but yours came out better than what I had imagined.

    And isn't that always the case? You can have oregano coming out of your ears, but there never seems to be enough thyme (time). ;-)

  4. After all my consternation, I remembered we had visited a cave a few years ago at Rocky Mountain National Park, and the underground in London. Don't know why I couldn't have thought of those. On my way to see the others. I wonder if Lew had something in mind when he proposed this theme.

  5. Okay, so did I mention the caves in my comment here? They are at Great Basin National Park, not Rocky Mountain.