Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weekly Header Challenge - Bottles

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Theme ~ Bottles

Chosen by Mac.

My first thought upon seeing the theme this week was:  Bottles of Beer.  Which leads to that song about beer on the wall...  Oh, sorry, I won't sing it!  Actually, my two brothers are beer connoisseurs, and I've been known to try a sip or two of some of their favorites.  I guess it's an acquired taste, but there are a few that I like.  :)

Since I'm not a beer drinker, I don't have any pictures of those kinds of bottles--though I can recall a picture My dad took of me standing with my brothers, where they handed me their beer bottles...  Picture innocent me, holding some beer bottles by the necks, and my two brothers standing "innocently" on either side of me...  I suppose it could be a blackmail picture!

Fernando and I occasionally drink wine, and I happen to have a few pictures of wine bottles.  Here is the full image from my cropped header:

These two images, above and below, were taken for a client at her business' Christmas party.  Wine for the food table (below), and champagne for celebrating (above).

Wine can also be a good housewarming gift; here is a bottle we brought to my parents on move-in day to their brand new home.

He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, 
And vegetation for the labor of man, 
So that he may bring forth food from the earth, 
And wine which makes man’s heart glad.
Psalm 104:14-15a NASB

I have a favorite bottled drink, actually, and it is a real treat to have one of these!

I love Izze sodas!  They are made with natural ingredients, and I can enjoy them without having to worry about the chemicals and un-natural ingredients in those other brands.  :)

I can think of another very sweet pourable liquid--my cousin Tom's syrup.  He owns a very special piece of property in upstate New York (Adirondacks), on which he does maple sugaring and produces syrup.  He has a faithful Illinois customer base, and I take orders from friends for this tasty all-natural treat.  Those are gallons, by the way!  (I supposed those would be jugs, not bottles...)

Since the syrup must be refrigerated once it's opened, we pour ours into smaller glass bottles and use those at the table.  Here is Thomas enjoying some homemade Belgian waffles.  (My mouth is watering now...)

One other bottled kind of yummy is my double-strength vanilla extract from Penzey's Spices.  Below, I'm using some old vanilla extract bottles to make my own vanilla!  (Which turned out pretty good, by the way!)

I make homemade salad dressings, which are requested for the Christmas table with family.  Here are a couple of images from last Christmas with the requested dressings.  I store my dressings in cleaned-out Trader Joe's enchilada bottles, lol.

Bottles of bubble bath and bath salts are welcome for a long soak in the tub!

I bought the below decorative bottles cheaply through eBay (the one on the right is missing its cap).  This is our master bath, and there's a wide window above the soaking tub.  The cranberry-colored perfume bottles go well with my decor.

Finally, two of the most expensive bottles we've ever purchased were these below.  We had a layover at the Helsinki, Finland airport while we waited for our flight back to O'Hare, and Fernando used up our euros by purchasing these two very special bottles!

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  1. Love all your bottles Christine, really like the fancy red bottles in the MASTER bathroom, very handy eh,lol.

  2. Nicely captured Christine, certainly enjoyed your take on the bottle theme.

  3. Airport bottles do tend to be expensive, even when just hoding water! Love the lighting in your window display!

  4. We use your cousin's syrup in my home! That's good stuff.

    I like the artsy look of the perfumes. Funny thing... as much as I like to use my olfactory sense, the only one at my house to use scents is my older son. Maybe if my wife and had similar likes in that area, but we clash. I used to love to pass the babies around to the older ladies at church, and they'd come back to me smelling so sweet!