Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Photo Session | Website Images

Spring is here, but you'd never guess.  One smidgen of warm-up, then the cold returned.  Brr.

But one sort-of milder day, the sun shone, and the puffy clouds drifted by, and a client came by for a session.  She needed a professional image to put on the website of an organization she's working with, and I was happy, of course, to oblige.

Since she came by during bright sun hours, we found a shady spot so the light would be more even on her face.  The images ended up being back-lit, of course, but they were also bright enough to capture her beautiful face, which deserves to be on a web page!

I took this first shot to make sure the lighting was even, and to double-check my camera settings.  Not bad!

I snapped a few more, then ended up with this one, my favorite.  Isn't she pretty?  :)

I love beautiful images, and beautiful clients.  And--all my clients are beautiful!

Treasuring life's moments,

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