Saturday, April 20, 2013

Girls and Horses

After scouting out an awesome portrait session location, we meandered home.  (Can one meander in a car??)  Okay, so we drove casually.

The road we took is a great back road home, without traffic lights and suburban noise.  In fact, it takes us through and around the forest preserve, then some subdivisions, and finally, suburbia and home.  Between all that lies a farm.  A horse farm.  And the horses were out as we drove by.

Fernando pulled onto a side road, turned around, drove back a hundred yards, and pulled off to the side.  I had taken shoes/socks off by then, so I grabbed my camera and we scampered across the road toward the fence line.  Well, I scampered, anyway.

The horses spent their time grazing.  I'd take that, though.  You don't see too many horses around here.  And I'm a girl.  You know--the line from the movie George of the Jungle:  "What is it with girls and horses?"

This lady (at least I think she was a lady) stopped grazing for a head pose.

A few others came to join the grazers, and Fernando was happy to let me shoot away.  I love my husband.

I shot several times, and got a great one when these two came side by side.

This one munched its way to the fence corner, then munched its way toward me.  It came only so far, though, then wandered back to the others.  Good thing I have a telephoto.

I finally got a really cool shot--three in a row!

One really awesome session location, and one really awesome horse farm.  All in one afternoon.  With my husband.  *happy girl*

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Those are some great shots. You need to come visit us, you can't drive anywhere around here without seeing some horses. Of course, living in a small mountain town, I guess that's to be expected. :)