Monday, March 4, 2013

One Trusty Lens Left

Right after my drawer organizing project, and right in the middle of my cookie-baking project (for a wedding shower), my macro lens quit.

Had to use my 50mm lens for this image.

Same error message:

Err 01:
Communications between the lens and camera is faulty.
Clean the lens contacts.

Not my beloved macro lens.  And not to mention that communications should probably be singular.  (I thought Canon was American-made...)  I went ahead and cleaned all contacts (camera and lens), then cleaned the contacts on my 17-85mm lens (not used since October), and put that one on my camera to check it out.

Random shot from the patio door, 17-85mm lens at 17mm.

Wow.  So I put the macro lens on.  Error.  Then I put the 17-85mm back on.  Error.  I was devastated.  Two lenses down.

I took one last shot of my wedding shower cookies with my 50mm, then took off for the shower festivities.

I wasn't feeling very festive, but the Lord is good anyway and helped me to be cheerful.  I took a handful of images (meant to do more, but there were lots of friends there and I got caught up in conversation).  Good thing I wasn't shooting the event professionally!

I've always trusted the Lord with my business, from Day One.  My portrait lens still works, and I'm still shooting professionally.  I know He has good plans for me, and I trust Him with what He has in store.  Meanwhile, I'm researching a solution for my lens problems.  And I'm thankful I can still take a pretty picture for you!

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. While I use my 50mm for my main lens, I would be sad if my other lens decided to stop working. Hope you get it figured out!

    1. I know, Kristal! It's like the death of a good friend. Or maybe it's just really sick. :)

  2. Is there a camera shop by you that you can take it too and get it looked at? It almost sounds like a computer/information problem maybe not the lenses. I hope you get it figured out. The photos are very pretty.

    1. JoAnn, there is one, and I'll be contacting them today. I never thought of the computer/information issue; I thought it was bizarre that *two* lenses would bite the dust.

      Thanks, too, for your compliment! It's extra special. :)