Friday, December 28, 2012

A Manger and Snowflakes

I took a few pictures of my Christmas manger scene, and several of the snowflakes gracing our Christmas tree.  My mom gave me the manger figurines, which are papier-mâché and belonged to my grandmother.  She had purchased them from a Ben Franklin; are those stores even around any more?

I love the snowflake ornaments on our Christmas tree.  I've been collecting them for a number of years, and hope to have the tree completely decked out with them one day.  I also collect glass icicle ornaments, but have just five or six of those.  They are definitely treasured!

The below snowflake is one of about ten, and they're new this year!  Fernando bought them on our trip to Wisconsin with friends to purchase a Christmas tree.  They're actually gold, but in this image are reflecting the pink hues of the lights.

The below snowflake is one of six or seven which were the first of my collection.

In addition to the snowflakes on the tree, I have snowflakes gracing my fireplace mantel.  We decorate the mantel with branches cut off the lower trunk of our Christmas tree (disposable decoration!), then randomly place on it some crocheted snowflakes given to me by my mom.  We also place a few red bows, add a candle in the center of the mantel, and everything looks Christmas-y.

And finally--it snowed this morning (the morning of this post)!!!  It has since stopped, but at least we received a dusting of white.  *happiness*

Treasuring life's moments,

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  1. Love the snowflakes and glad you got some real ones this morning!

  2. So pretty. Yes, I do remember Ben Franklin's but no I don't think they are around anymore. :)

  3. These are some really neat shots...Love the lace crocheted snowflakes (those aren't easy to make...but are really lovely to see on the tree). I found I ended up with too much shadow in my pictures of don't seem to have that trouble. Any suggestions?