Friday, November 11, 2011

It Must Come Out!

October 9, Sunday, The Lord's Day.  Lake Bonaparte, upstate New York.

A quick post about another ritual which was brand-new to me--the "taking out" of my dad's Cadillac from the lake.  This is a family-and-friend effort, with most pitching in to help, and the rest running around taking pictures as the boat is removed from the lake for the winter.  My dad's isn't the only boat removed, but I'll save that for another post!

Apparently, in years past, the group devised a system of hefting the boat out onto logs, then pushing the boat along the logs, with people grabbing a log from behind and running it around to the front as they went along.  I wish I could've seen that.  This year's advanced version of boat removal is due to our superior human ingenuity and intelligence.  ;)

Al drove the ATV, pulling the boat around the side of Jackson cottage #1...

...and up the driveway of Jackson cottage #2.

It takes a lot of people to get that little boat into my dad's shed!

The beloved Cadillac sits, protected and patiently waiting until next spring.

Many hands make light work.

Aaaand...speaking of hands (I had to tie in a Bible verse somehow!):

O clap your hands, all peoples;
Shout to God with the voice of joy!
Psalm 47:1 NASB

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  1. Wow, that looks like a lot of work. Glad there was so many people to help. Looks like it's needed. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures. I agree. The more help the faster it goes. Looks like everyone was helpful. Gorgeous scenery