Saturday, November 5, 2011

God's Hand Across the Sky

Saturday, October 8.  Lake Bonaparte, in the Adirondacks, upstate New York.

It was the end of a long, fun-filled day.  First, a cozy boat ride with Dad and Mom in Dad's Caddy.  Then, cooking/baking/laughing/goofing in the kitchen with Mom.  Then the L.B.C.D.C. (read about it here).  But all the activities slowly died down as the sun made its slow descent toward the west.

I knew it was time to pull out my tripod and get Ellie situated on the dock for my evening ritual.  This was the most spectacular sunset I saw during my week at the Lake, so I thought I'd share all aspects of it with you.  There are only six images (five of the actual sunset), but they give a good flavor of the changing sky.

The time is indicated under each image, so you can see just how the sky changes throughout the evening.  And even though the sunset was supposed to be at something like 6:40pm, it set earlier because of the mountains, so I had to get set up even earlier.  I set ISO at 100, my kit lens (17-85mm) at 17mm, and aperture at f13, for most of these shots.  (These are the times I dream of a wide-angle lens.)

The first image below is looking west and a little north.  It's almost where I set up Ellie to capture the sunsets of summertime.  It was just so pretty and calm and peaceful; I needed one shot of that before turning more toward the west.


Okay, then I set up looking west and a little south.  This is just before the sun set, and you can see the jet trails--especially that one right down the middle--wisping the sky.


The sky became a deeper blue, and the sun looked like a glowing ball settling into the mountains for the night.  That jet trail is prominent, even in the water.


Another jet (or military drone--Fort Drum owns part of the lake and military aircraft frequently fly over it) left a trail, and the skyscape looked even dreamier than before.  The reflections on the water deepened.


I think 6:40pm was true sunset, so the below is about four minutes later.  But I think it's perfect.  Sorry for my watermark covering those beautiful reflections!  I could linger over this for a long time...


I always wait even later than true sunset, just to watch the sky.  It was warm enough that the mosquitoes came out just about the time I was taking my last images of the sunset.  Even though the above shot is sunset at perfection, I absolutely love the below image for its tranquility and intense color.


I did almost no editing of these photos, plus I removed spots that appeared because my camera sensor is dirty (time to clean it!).  The spots become apparent at slow shutter speeds, which let in lots of light and allow those tiny dirt specks to "shine through."

Praise the LORD!
Praise, O servants of the LORD,
Praise the name of the LORD.
Blessed be the name of the LORD
From this time forth and forever.
From the rising of the sun to its setting
The name of the LORD is to be praised.
The LORD is high above all nations;
His glory is above the heavens.
Psalm 113:1-4 NASB

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